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Let’s do it right! With a nourished body and healthy lifestyle you can manage your weight and  KEEP it off! Let me show you how! No fad diets here!

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Personalized Plans

There is plenty of information on the internet and in other forms of media that may not be applicable to your unique biochemistry or lifestyle.

What’s right for one person may not be right for you. Remember: one size does not fit all!

Body, Spirit & Soul

My goal as an holistic nutritionist is to give you wisdom on how to manage all areas of your life that are out of balance, not just your nutrition.

This is wisdom I have learned in my own life to help me cope with life’s ups and downs in a healthy way.

Your Holistic Nutritionist:

Judy Schneider

As a registered nurse for 40 years I realized that while medical advances allowed people to live longer, their quality of life left a lot to be desired. While appreciating what medicine could do, I knew there had to be a better way. I began a wellness journey of my own working on some of my own issues and finding relief. Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the building blocks it needs. I can put it all together for you and show you the way.

I Value…

My focus is educating you concerning your body and health so you can take charge and see the results you are looking for.  My desire is to help you reach your full potential in all areas of your life, body, soul and spirit.  An essential part of being a nurse has involved teaching and motivating others  and I have enjoyed that aspect of my career.

Living to a hundred can mean an improved quality of life physically, emotionally and spiritually. I look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals.


539629_10152577176050227_2015454645_nI came to Judy to identify the root of chronic fatigue issues. I had gone through my doctors office to deal with my lack of energy and was put through a series of tests that had left me without an answer. I immediately began to learn how diet affected my internal organs and systems and how diet and supplements could correct my ailments.  Judy is extremely knowledgeable and takes great care to create an individualized plan for her patients.  I am so glad I chose a Holistic Nutritionist as a pa…
Natalie GildayCo- OwnerHoney and Tea Cafe71 Albert St, Oshawa, ON L1H 4R1

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